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naaja-darwin-officeThe North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) delivers high quality and culturally proficient Aboriginal legal services to the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Our Vision is True Justice, Dignity and Respect for Aboriginal people.

Our Mission is to deliver a range of innovative, high quality, culturally proficient legal services to Aboriginal people and the community.

Our role is to:

  • Ensure that clients are appropriately represented when they come into contact with the justice system;
  • Assist and inform Aboriginal people and enhance their understanding of the justice system;
  • Ensure that clients and families receive quality legal advice and representation; and
  • Influence a positive change within the justice system that reflects better understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultural backgrounds, problems and challenges that impact upon Aboriginal people.

NAAJA respects Aboriginal culture and has tried to ensure material on this website is of an appropriate manner, however visitors are warned there may be some images or material which may offend.

40th Anniversary

NAAJA celebrated 40 years of Aboriginal Legal Services in the Top End from 1972-2012.

NAAJA was established on 1 February 2006.

NAAJA is an amalgamation of three separate Aboriginal Legal Aid organisations providing quality services.

They were the:

  • North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (NAALAS) established in Darwin in July 1973
  • Katherine Regional Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (KRALAS) established in Katherine in 1985
  • The Miwatj Aboriginal legal Service (MALS) established in 1996

In 2005, the Australian Government informed the Aboriginal Legal Aid Services in the Northern Territory that the funding of these services would cease, and that a contract would be put to tender for the delivery of these services.

The Australian Government’s tender contract for the delivery of the Legal Aid Services in the Northern Territory was split into two regions – The Northern Region and the Southern Region.

The Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS) tendered for the Southern Region.

NAALAS, KRALAS and MALS decided to join forces and tender for the Northern Region contract.

This involved the dissolution of the three former entities and the formation of a new single Company that successfully tendered for the contract. On the February 2006, the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency was born.

We  have now released a 40th Anniversary Booklet. A copy of the booklet can be found below.

Current Issues