NAAJA regularly makes policy and law reform submissions on justice and related issues affecting Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

We often make submissions in conjunction with partner organisations such as the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS) and the Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the NT (APONT).

APONT NT Royal Commission Position Paper

NAAJA submission to the ALRC – October 2017

Submission on Care and Protection – August 2017

Submission on Pre and Post Detention – August 2017

NAAJA Alcohol Review Submission – July 2017

Submission on Youth Detention – July 2017

NAAJA OPCAT Submission – July 2017

NAAJA submission CDP inquiry – June 2017

APONT Model – May 2017

NAAJA Submission NTG Housing Strategy – 2016

NAAJA/NTLAC Joint  Submission on Permanent Care Orders

NAAJA Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights – November 2014

NAAJA/CAALAS/NTLAC joint submission to the Independent Review of Youth Justice

NAAJA Submission OAIC FOI Investigation – November 2014

APONT Submission to Community Affairs References Committee – September 2014

NAAJA Submission to Forrest Review – September 2014

NAAJA McClure Submission – August 2014

APONT Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs – July 2014

Residential Tenancies jurisdiction of the proposed NT Civil and Administrative Tribunal – July 2014

NAAJA submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Access to Justice Arrangements – June 2014

Productivity Commission – Access to Justice – June 2014

NTCAT (Conferral of Jurisdiction) Amendments Bill -April  2014

Proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) – April 2014

Key Income Support Issues for Aboriginal Australian in the NT – April 2014

Tenancy Participation Program – March 2014

Legal Services Submission to the NT Government – Six Month Review of the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment – February 2014

Failure to provide transitional accommodation in remote communities in the NT – December 2013

CAALAS-NAAJA Submission on Summary Offences ACT – September 2013

Penny Fielding re Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Bill – May 2013

Social Security Legislation Amendment – May 2013

Access to justice in the criminal justice system for people with disability – April 2013

Bail Act Review  – March 2013

Centrepay – March 2013

Remote Public Housing Tenancy Agreement – January 2013

NATSILS Income Management Position Statement – October 2012

Process of Remote Housing Applications –  October 2012

CAALAS-NAAJA Submission to the Secure Care Consultation – July 2012

Briefing Paper – Review of the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services –  June 2012

Key Income Support Issues for Aboriginal Australian in the NT – March 2012

APONT Stronger Futures Sub-Senate – February 2012

APO NT – Foetal Alcohol Spectrum – December 2011

APO NT Statement on Homelands – October 2011

APONT Submission to the Review of Remote Participation and Employment Services – October 2011

NAAJA Submission for Inquiry into Language Learning in Indigenous Communities  – October 2011

APO NT submission to Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians – September 2011

NAAJA Restorative Justice Submission – September 2011

Youth Justice Review Submission – July 2011

Response to Residential Tenancies Act Issues Paper –  May 2010

Welfare Rights Outreach Project Issues paper – June 2009