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NAAJA works together with Aboriginal communities, key government and non-government stakeholders to manage the delivery of services in a professional, culturally proficient and community sensitive manner.

Our Criminal and Civil Law services are delivered throughout the Top End of the Northern Territory.
NAAJA has an information barrier between our criminal section and our civil section. That is why we have separate contact details for our different sections.

For more on information barriers, download the PDF Document by clicking here.

Key Areas of Service Delivery

  • Criminal Law representation and advice.
  • Civil Law representation and advice.
  • Welfare Rights
  • Advocacy
  • Community Legal Education, Training and Projects
  • Indigenous Prisoner Throughcare

Means Test

To ensure we direct our services and limited resources towards applicants in greatest need of assistance, all applications for Aboriginal legal services are subject to a means test.

Depending upon the results of the means test, applicants will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Applicants eligible to receive free legal assistance
  2. Applicants eligible to receive legal assistance subject to payment of contributions (on a sliding scale) towards the cost of assistance
  3. Applicants not eligible to receive legal aid assistance

An applicant automatically satisfies the means test if one of the following applies:

  1. They are under the age of 18
  2. Their main source of income comes from Centrelink benefits
  3. Their gross personal income is less than $46,000 per annum ($885 per week)

Note: Means testing only applies to Casework matters


Map of communities in the NT serviced by NAAJA