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Pricilla Atkins

Pricilla Atkins

After over 40 years of providing Aboriginal Legal Services in the Top End, NAAJA is respected for providing highly professional, culturally appropriate, innovative and effective legal and justice-related services.

The work we do is often demanding because our clients’ legal problems are usually linked to other social and economic issues. It is therefore fundamental to providing an effective service that we can combine a high level of legal skill with a deep understanding of our clients, their culture and the social issues that impact upon them. This has become a hallmark of NAAJA’s work.

In addition to the complexity of our work, the volume continues to grow. In 2014/2015, NAAJA provided advice and representation to 14,250 Aboriginal people for civil, criminal and family matters. In the 10 years leading to 2014/2015, there has been an increase of 100% in the number of criminal matters and 115% in the number of civil matters undertaken by NAAJA.

We now employ 107 full time staff, which includes 51 solicitors. We have increased our staffing by 55% since 2007 to meet client needs. We are proud of the fact that 41% of our staff is Aboriginal, employed in positions right across the organisation, including senior management. An important role in our legal practice is played by Client Service Officers (CSOs) who provide specialised knowledge about the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We are privileged to have a very experienced group of lawyers and staff working for NAAJA. These are professional and highly committed people, dedicated to ensuring our clients are provided with the best possible service.