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Kieran ‘Chilpy’ Boylan Cadetship


Remembering Kieran ‘Chilpy’ Boylan – A true Advocate for Aboriginal people in the justice system

Kieran 'Chilpy' Boylan 30th September 1950 – 23rd March 2014

Kieran ‘Chilpy’ Boylan
30th September 1950 – 23rd March 2014


Kieran ‘Chilpy’ Boylan commenced his working with NAAJA in 2008 as a Client Service Officer. In that capacity, he mainly worked with Aboriginal young people in the justice system.

In 2009, he pioneered NAAJA’s Indigenous Throughcare Project and set the foundation for what is now a national best-practice justice program.

Chilpy’s incredible appetite for hard work, dedication, loyalty and sense of justice have helped many clients get their lives back on track and been an inspirational to his colleagues at NAAJA.

For those who worked with him, he was our role model and guide as to what an honest day’s work is all about.

NAAJA’s staff and management were devastated by the sudden loss of our great friend and inspirational colleague in early 2014.

Chilpy spoke often about creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. He had a vision of establishing an apprenticeship program, so that a young Aboriginal student could be mentored and supported to become a future NAAJA Throughcare worker.

So with this in mind, and to honour Chilpy’s legacy and achievements, we have established the Kieran ‘Chilpy’ Boylan Cadetship.

You can read about Chilpy’s amazing legacy in this article published in the June 2014 edition of the NT Law Society magazine, ‘Balance’ – Balance Article

There was a fantastic article published in the Adelaide Advertiser on Saturday 20 September 2014

Advertiser Article


The NAAJA Kieran ‘Chilpy’ Boylan Cadetship

Commencing in 2015, NAAJA will offer a Cadetship to an Aboriginal student enrolled full time in a Bachelor of Social Work who lives in the Top End of the NT.

Worth up to $23,600 per annum, the Cadetship is an exciting opportunity for an Aboriginal student to study a Bachelor of Social Work and gain a career path with NAAJA upon satisfactorily completing their degree.

It includes an annual work placement with NAAJA Throughcare which will provide an opportunity for mentoring and support as part of our terrific Throughcare team.

You can find more information on the Cadetship here



Fundraising for the cadetship:

Josh Brock & Trevor Moses – Melbourne Marathon – 12 October 2014

This year the big man in the sky invited our friend, Kieran Boylan (aka Chilpy), for a XXXX in heaven.

 But Chilpy being Chilpy can’t stop his good work down here on Earth. With a little help from his Earth-bound friends he has striving to bring together a new initiative to keep his legacy strong.

 The goal of The Kieran (Chilpy) Boylan Cadetship is to encourage and support Aboriginal students, including those with previous involvement in the justice system, in reaching their higher education goals. The scholarship will be given to a current or prospective student to help them defray tuition costs.

But defraying costs don’t come for free. Thanks to an amazingly generous donation of $10,000 we are on our way.We have the first year (2015) lined up. But we need at least $20,000 to make this an ongoing project.

 And it just so happens that Trev Moses and I are heading to Melbourne on 12 October 2014 to complete a marathon. A perfect opportunity to raise the additional amount needed to get this awesome project off the ground.

 So this is your chance to encourage Trev and I to damage our bodies in the pursuit of stupidity AND BE PART OF AN AWESOME NEW INITIATIVE  TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY AND MAKE SURE THAT CHILPY’S SPIRIT LIVES ON

 We are in the process of making it a smoother transaction but all you need to do is a direct depositor cash to me.

 Donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you pledge $1 a km that is $42 – easy!”

Josh Brock has been with NAAJA for 6 years. This will be his 5th Marathon and hopes to complete the 42km circuit in 3 hours. He has asked donators to DOUBLE their donations if he completes the course in under 3 hours.

Donate here 

A link to our donate page can be found here