NAAJA will be delivering Aboriginal legal services to Central Australia from 1 January 2018.


“NAAJA has been delivering culturally appropriate Aboriginal legal services to the Top End of the Northern Territory for over 40 years and will now expand our services to Central Australia”, said Ruby Stanley, NAAJA Chairperson.


NAAJA will serve Aboriginal people in the southern region through the delivery of criminal law, civil law, law and justice, community legal education and will look at expanding our successful Prisoner Throughcare program to the region.


An important part of NAAJA’s service is to deal with the range or ‘cluster’ of legal needs facing Aboriginal people and communities.

“We feel extremely privileged to be extending our service into Central Australia and welcome the CAALAS team to NAAJA” said Ruby Stanley, NAAJA Chairperson.


“I would like to thank the CAALAS previous Chairperson Deborah Booker, previous CEO Eileen Van Iersel, current CEO Leeanne Caton and all the CAALAS staff for providing a valued service to Aboriginal people in Central Australia”, said Ruby Stanley, Chairperson.


“NAAJA is led by an Aboriginal board and the increase of regional and remote representation, and specifically from the Central Australian region, will strengthen and enhance this focus.


NAAJA is known across the Territory and across Australia as a high quality Aboriginal Legal Service provider and is well positioned to extend its legal services and provide a strong voice for the Territory.


We will work closely with the CAALAS Board, Management and staff and the Central Australian community to ensure a smooth transition”, said Ruby Stanley, NAAJA Chairperson.


“Our priority is to ensure Aboriginal people have access to a range of Aboriginal legal services to meet their needs and help our communities stay strong”, said Ruby Stanley, NAAJA Chairperson.


Contact: Allirra Petterson 08 89825100